TCS offers all facilities under one roof

The school is well established with all state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. The school owns its modern palatial building with well qualified and experienced teaching faculties.

The school functions with sophisticated computer lab, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs, Physical education room, conference hall with audio-visual facilities, ever green library, children’s corner, vast campus etc.,


TCS Classrooms

TCS has ventilated, spacious and aesthetically designed Classrooms and Staff rooms. All Classrooms of 900 sq.ft . each are equipped with E-Boards, Audio Visual Learning Aids, High- Precision Projection Systems and an individualized seating arrangement. From educational films and slide shows to live demonstrations and presentations, the vastness of the entire universe can be experienced within the walls of these learning  rooms.


TCS Laboratory

TCS has an area of 1500 sq.ft laboratory, fulfilling and exceeding requirements of the curriculum. Self-explanatory models and associations with other science laboratories are highlights. The laboratories are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously  planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care off.


TCS features a full-fledged library.  The library provides quite and tranquil environment where children can come to satisfy their quest for knowledge.  The Junior Library, keeping in mind the younger children, has been designed with colourful furniture and a vibrant environment to make the reading experience enticing.  The library at TCS is a rich treasure trove of encyclopaedias, illustrated dictionaries, and popular science books along with series such as “Tell Me Why” and the “Book of Knowledge”.  They are well stocked with classic, modern and contemporary works of literature in Hindi, Kannada and English languages.  More over there is a good collection of latest editions in career counselling, personality development etc.

Apart from books, the library has a decent assortment of CDs of encyclopaedias, reading material on environment awareness topics and a wide range of fiction.  The library also subscribe to a large number of journals and magazines to help students stay up-to-date with events from around the world as well as discover and explore new career avenues.  With the aim of inculcating a lifelong passion for books and knowledge, we encourage all students to make the most of their library sessions.

Computer Laboratory

TCS has computer laboratory featuring over 40 computer systems. The computer in the CBSE lab have been upgraded with appropriate software  to enable students of classes lX and X to compile and run programs in Java with NetBeans and C++ along with Flash 8 applications as per the syllabus. The senior, junior and sub junior computer labs, on the other  hand enable students to learn VB.Net, Corel Draw, Java, Adobe Flash, Kid Pix, logo, paintbrush, MS-office etc.

Computer labs with Internet Access are constantly updated with the latest software and hardware. A dedicated ASAT internet connection, educational materials and supervision by experts and 24 hour supply of hot water leave no necessity to be desired.

Art and Fine Arts Studio


We believe that students should have extensive exposure to their cultural heritage and should be provided with an opportunity to develop their talents in a creative atmosphere though study of art, music, drama and speech. With this in view, TCS has constructed the Arts and Fine Arts studio that enables students to find a new meaning of expression in an environment that challenges them to develop their artistic senses.

Health Centre


We have not lacked our attention in providing a healthy atmosphere to our students. Separate, clean and hygiene toilets for girls and boys are provided. Filtered watered is supplied to the community of students and staff.  Our Health Centre also comprises of well equipped first aid unit.

Safety & Security

Saftey and Security

Our school has a security guard working in shifts-so, children are under safe hands. There is no fear of missing out. Strangers are not entertained to either meet the children or to take them along with only people with ID cards(other than regular parents) will be allowed to do so, or they must bring a letter from the parents.

A reliable security system with professional security personnel, a completely fenced campus, 24/7 guard duty and watch dogs are in place to safeguard the sprawling campus & CC TV Surveillance for 24 hours.



Pollution and Global warming are the two words uttered almost every day by people who are aware of the forth coming danger to the world. Our children at school are made aware of this at an early age. We give practical experience of growing medical & other plants and give them an awareness about their uses.

Uninterrupted power supply


With a total captive power of 750 K V A.

Clubs and Activities

A board education cannot be confined within the walls of a classroom. Our excellence in academic study is complemented by an extensive range of innovative sessions & extracurricular activities in order to involve students and channelize their energy & enterprise.

Hobby Classes

Hobby Classes

To the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through fun- filled hobby classes. All students are encouraged to purse and develop their talent, may it be in the arts, music, dance, drama or craft.

Students have a vast panorama to choose from Music and Band System, Painting, Drawing, Sports, Clay Modelling, Yoga, Karate, Dance etc.

The Science Club

TCS provides year round opportunities for students to explore science. Every month, members participate in an activity, project, or volunteer activity related to science. At the end of each year, a Science Exhibition is held where students exhibit their imagination at their best.

Sports and Training


Inauguration of TCS Academy for sporting Excellence in 2006-07 came as a boon for many sports enthusiasts, providing their spirit of challenge the required support from coaches of state and national level.

Cricket Practice Net

A well designed international standard cricket net with 5000 sq.ft mat.

Basketball and Volleyball


Throughout the world basketball and volleyball are to hugely popular gems. To encourage our students’ interest in these game, TCS has built to perfection, 2 volleyball & 1 basketball courts with exclusive seating facilities.

Professional Sports Training

Professional’s sports training is imparted to all students of the school under the guidance of qualified and experienced national coaches. All students are exposed to various activities along with their regular game and have a repertory of events to recreate themselves.

Periodical Interaction

Periodical interaction is arranged with world class achievers so that the students are benefited with experience and guidance of these sportsmen.

Transport Facilities


We have school vans with picking up and dropping facilities. All most all possible routes are covered.

Constant and Continuous Monitoring System

Constant and Continuous Monitoring System

Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant


House Groups

Children are divided into four groups viz Red, Blue, Green and Yellow keeping in view the spirits to be nurtured. This helps children to have a healthy competition in the fields of studies, sports or any other activities.

Future Plans

We would like to provide NCC, Scouts & guides training to our children. We intend to take the assistance of Rotary Club for activities.