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Teachers Day

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“Good teachers inspire hope, ignite the imagination and install a love of learning”.   Our T.C.S children celebrated teachers’ day in a grand manner.   Many games and events were conducted by our children. Teachers and children together enjoyed the day in good manner.

Independence Day

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T.C.S has celebrated Independence Day on 15 August of every year. It will be celebrated with great honour and patriotism presided by Mr. Krishnan renown scientist and associate of Dr. Abdul Ka lam. The programme began with flag hoisting by Mr. Krishnan, secretary Sarvesh, C.E.O Mr. Sandeep and March past and displays by students.

Environment Day

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On June 5th of every year our school young girls and boys campaigned in and around Bidadi spreading awareness on environmental issues. The programme started with the concept “Go Green”. The programme went on with the slogans like “Seven billion dreams one planet consume with care”; “Care for the environment and you care not only…continue reading

Annual Day Celebration 2017

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The school Annual Day was celebrated on January 2, 2016. The chief guest was musician, actor, film director and producer, and an occasional screenwriter Sadhu Kokilaa. The school annual report was read by the Principal, and prizes for proficiency in academics were distributed. Prizes were awarded to outstanding students of class X for their excellent…continue reading

Ugadi Celebrations 2017

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Ugadi or Yugadi, the festival reserved to celebrate the commencement of New Year, is a day especially celebrated with huge fun and fervor in Deccan regions of India. It is assumed that Lord Brahma, the creator of the world began His creation on this day. The first day of bright half of the lunar month…continue reading